Pole Fitting

Pole Fitting

Pole fitting Service

Having trouble putting up your pole, never fear, Pole Twisters can locate your beams and fit in no time  for just £20

Extra charge applies for fuel costs if outside of local Cardiff area

Options to add on £1 donation to improve Cardiff Dance Studios facilities, view full information on the right column of our home page.

Terms and Disclaimer


“The Company”: References to 'The Company' in all dealings shall include The Company (Pole Twisters Ltd) and The Company's employees.

Unforeseen Costs

The customer shall be liable to meet the cost of any additional work, services or fittings that need to be provided to rectify any event or situation which arises during the course of the works that are unexpected or are beyond The Company's control. Inclusive of; if The Company arrives to fit the customers pre-purchased X-pole and the designated ceiling exceeds 9ft without the necessary extra extensions The Company can not be held responsible for such events or situations. If any problems occur after fitting has been made, The Company will be happy to rectify, subject to £10 call-out charge, an additional fuel charge applies if outside of the local Cardiff area.


The Company can only be held liable for the extent of works carried out by The Company if due to negligence. Please be aware there may be slight cracking to ceiling or paint and The Company will not be held liable for marks or damage to ceiling or flooring after the service has been made. No liability shall be accepted in respect of defects in existing installations or in respect of parts not manufactured by The Company. The Company shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage to property, materials or injuries to individuals caused by the personal actions of the customer or other household members or guests before, during or after such works have been carried out. All advice provided by The Company is offered as an opinion only and the customer accepts such opinions at their sole discretion and risk. The customer employs the services of The Company at his or her sole risk at all times.

Heath and Safety

The Company will take appropriate and practical measures to ensure the environment in which works are being carried out is safe to avoid risk of injury to The Company or other parties; the customer is expected to do the same. As a result, a £10 refund will be returned if The Company is unable to locate beam or solid fixture adequate for safe fitting. Outside of working hours, where works are ongoing, The Company accepts no liability for the actions of the customer or other household members or guests which result in damage or injury to persons or property. The Company reserves the right to refuse to undertake work in an environment which is deemed to be unsafe or where the works are considered to be unsafe.

I have read and understood the information above regarding the fitting, risks, procedures and consequences. I have been given the opportunity to ask questions about the fitting and any queries have been explained thoroughly to my satisfaction.

I have read through the safety instructions to assemble/disassemble provided by The Company and I have witnessed and understood the training provided by The Company for safe practice.

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