Aerial Hoop Private Lessons

One-2-One lessons enable you to learn aerial hoop at a much faster pace and pick up on details that you may miss in a larger group class

Have your lesson on your own or share with a friend at Cardiff Dance Studios.  These lessons are bookable below between 6pm and 9pm Monday to Thursday however daytime and weekend slots are available upon request.

We recommend that you have completed stage 4 or above to attend or have a high level of fitness

Week Re-cap New Moves Combos 
1 Safety points Delilah, open Delilah 
Candle stick 
Pike, straddle 
Side straddle Side straddle, Delilah, open Delilah, candle stick 
2 Delilah, open Delilah 
Pike, straddle (mounts) Marley 
Hocks hang 
Stag seat 
Figure 4 seat Pike mount, stag seat, figure 4 seat, hocks hang, dismount 
3 Mounts, Figure 4 seat Man in the moon 
Delilah mount 
Birdie Straddle mount, figure 4, man in the moon, stag seat, hocks hang, dismount 
4 Delilah mount, birdie 
Hocks hang Side star 
Splits away Mount, birdie, side star, Delilah, Marley, dismount 

Beginners will learn the foundations of aerial hoop. Elements covered include getting in and out of the hoop, poses inside and underneath the hoop, and simple combinations to practice linking moves together.
More advanced students will work on more higher level of skills

WHAT TO BRING / WEAR - Aerial hoop doesn't require any skin contact and it's preferable to stay covered up. It's suggested to wear several layers of clothing but keep them form fitting so they don’t get caught on the hoop. Leggings, leotards, strappy tops, etc. are all suitable choices, but if you're not sure please ask your instructor. Please also remove all watches, bracelets, rings and necklaces before class to avoid getting them caught on the aerial equipment.

WHERE - in Studio 2 (upstairs) - facilities include mirrors, heating, air conditioning unit, fan, CD player, iPod dock, separate changing area and use of safety mats

£30 pp for 1 hour lesson with a trained instructor
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