Testimonials & Quotes

Testimonials & Quotes

I have attended 3x pole strengthening classes already and I love every moment of it! I love the fact I have become stronger, working my abs and core and I can now hold more pole variations for longer. Most important I see a lot more body definition! We also have a great laugh with the girls at the classes which makes it a lot of fun and at the same time achieve a great workout! I will definitely recommend to my friends!  By student - Afroditi - 31/03/16

“I’ve had the most fantastic time with Pole Twisters. Its a great confidence builder and you couldn’t find a better alternative to the gym. I can’t believe how strong I’ve become since starting pole dancing.  Carla and Lisa are excellent teachers who give you support and encouragement every step of the way! x”   Emily from Cardiff

Thank you so much for another great class. I really lost my confidence and strength with the week off I had. I was buzzing. I could get the hip spin and I achieved Chillin. Carla, you are a great teacher. You don’t let anyone give up. I know your a good friend also, but I really do thank you for pushing me into an okish pole dancer. I know it’s been hard. So many times I’ve wanted to give up, but your always there saying try again, do it again. Your the best!   Sarah from Cardiff

I’m so glad I decided to get back into pole dancing again after such a long break from having my children.  I just wanted to say that Imogen is fab at teaching the course.  She is good at explaining and gives you confidence, especially as this is just her 1st course ever taught.  You would never have guessed.  She’s great.  Carla and Lisa have structured the course well.   Rachael, Stage 1/beginners pole dancing course, Cardiff

Recently finished the Stage 1 pole dancing course, taught by Lisa.  BRILLIANT workout alternative to the gym and an opportunity to make new friends.  Definitely recommend it for confidence and toning.  Cardiff Dance Studios (Pole Twisters) moves things at an achieveable pace with great teaching and support.  WARNING — Very addictive.  Already signed up for my next course. Amelia, Cardiff

Pole Twisters is amazing! the teachers and students are so enthusiastic and talented. It is a brilliant place to learn how to pole dance. Pole is addictive so once you start learning spins and tricks you want to learn more. I attended lessons up to stage 5 and practised at mixed ability and I got stronger and found I could join in with choreographed routines. I wanted a pole at home which was supplied and fitted for me by Carla at Pole Twisters. I made some lovely friends who I am still in contact with and although I work away I still practice at another dance studio. I am so grateful for all that I have learned and I know I can attend drop in classes whenever I am home. Thank you to Carla, Lisa and all the girls  xxx Love Clare Williams xxx, from Risca

Please thank all the teachers as everyone has been super lovely & encouraging! We are happy about booking stage 2 when we see you guys next. Can’t believe it has gone so quickly!!! Thanks again, Best wishes – Helen from Cardiff

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