• POLE TWISTERS LTD –  Without prior notice, reserves the right to amend, change, delete or add to these terms & conditions
  • AGE LIMIT  – Participants must be 16 yrs & over for any lesson or, courses
  • PREFERENCES – Classes are mostly all female, however males sometimes attend or can be in the studio at the same time.  Please inform us if you have a problem with this
  • PAYMENT REPLIES  – All payments made will receive an email confirmation reply ASAP with full class/course details and information on what to bring/wear, directions, etc
  • REFUNDS  – Only credit notes are available if you contact us stating that you are unable to attend a class/course.  24 hours notice is required otherwise payment will be forfeited.  Credit notes are valid for 6 months from date of purchase.
  • DISCLAIMERS  – All participants are required to fill out a risk disclaimer. Pole dancing may not be suitable for people with heart related and skeletal (neck, back and joint) problems, If you are unsure if you are fit and able to do a session please consult your GP first
  • LATENESS  – Any time lost can not be replaced
  • BEHAVIOUR  – Please listen to your instructor, pole dancing can be dangerous. Pole Twisters Ltd is not responsible for any injury caused through not listening to your instructor. Please behave in a friendly & sociable manner at our classes, failure to do so will result in termination of your booking with no refund given
  • HEALTH & SAFETY  – All venues have qualified 1st Aiders on hand with a 1st aid kit
  • LOTION OR JEWELLERY  – No lotions or jewellery to be worn.  Pole Twisters ltd can not be held accountable for the loss of any jewellery or personal belongings
  • TRAINEE TEACHERS  – May be present, please specify if you do not wish for any to be present
  • SPECTATORS  – May be present at some classes, please notify us if you are not happy with this
  • MAILING LIST  – Upon receipt of an email, your details will be automatically added to our mailing list, please contact us if you wish to be removed from this
  • WORKSHOPS –  Refunds are unavailable for Workshops so please make sure you are able to make the date & time specified before making payment on our workshop page.  We can however offer a credit note to be used against any other classes at Cardiff Dance Studios subject to 24 hours notice given by email/writing.  Refunds are however available if Pole Twisters changes the date & time through lack of bookings
  • DONATIONS –  Any donations made are non refundable
  • PHOTOS & VIDEOGRAPHY – Any photos or videos taken of students by a member of staff at Pole Twisters Ltd may be displayed on our social media and/or website.  Please notify us if you wish to have any picture/video removed.
  • CLASS TRANSFERS/ALTERATIONS  – We can offer a lesson transfer if you are unable to attend a specific date but must be notified by email/writing no later than 24 hours prior to the lesson otherwise payment will be forfeited
  • PRE-PAYMENTS/BOOKINGS  – To receive pre-payment discount, all bookings, over the phone or online, are to be made no later than 5 hours before the class date.  If paid online 5 hours or less, your booking will be forwarded to the following week/lesson.  If you turn up for your lesson you will be require to pay the extra on arrival.
  • 2 OR LESS STUDENTS BOOKED ON A CLASS –  If there are 2 or less students booked on a class, the lesson will only run for 30 minutes as it will be classed as a private/semi private.  This applies to Cardiff Dance Studios only
  • PREGNANT OR INJURED PERSONS  – participate at their own risk, we also recommend you seek medical advice before continuing with a supplied doctors note
  • NUS/STUDENTS  – proof must be supplied at the lesson, otherwise the remaining payment will be payable on arrival
  • SICKNESS  – Pole Twisters ltd must be informed 24 hours prior to your lesson otherwise payment will be forfeited unless a suitable doctors note is provided
  • PAYMENTS –  A £20 deposit secures your place on a course.  The remainder is payable no later than 48 hours prior to your course start date.  If remainder payment has not been received by 48 hours before the course start date your deposit will be forfeited, unless you have contacted the offices regarding your non-payment.
  • CLASS TRANSFERS  – No class transfers/credits are available unless you have notified us of any dates you are unable to make before the course starts.  Whereas you will be offered to use the missed class/es amount towards another class of your choice (ie. mixed ability, stretch & flex, part payment towards a private lesson, studio hire, merchandise, etc)
  • TRANSFER WHOLE COURSE  – Subject to a £10 administration fee.  Ideal for customers who commit to a course and find they are unable to make the remainder weeks.  If the new course price differs in amount, alternative payment is required or any credits owed will be credited to the customers account towards a future lesson/course.  Transfers can be made at any time within the running of the course, however you must notify us by email 48 hours prior to any lesson otherwise changes can not be made.
  • LACK OF BOOKINGS  – Courses may be postponed until sufficient bookings have been achieved.  The date & venue supplied by email is an approximate but you will be notified via email &/or text if this has been postponed or changed.  If classes or courses keep getting postponed through lack of bookings and you are unhappy with this, please contact us as we are more than willing to offer an alternative arrangement or a full refund.  We may, on occasions need to have two different courses running in the same room at the same time to avoid constant postponements
  • BANK HOLIDAYS  – Some courses may coincide with a bank holiday. If this occurs, no class will run on the bank holiday and classes will continue the following week
  • LATE REMAINDER PAYMENTS  – Any late course remainder payments that are received after the 48 hours notification will be subject to a £10 administration fee
  • HOME VISITS  – in the unfortunate case that the ceiling type & height is unsuitable or unsafe Pole Twisters will be unable to proceed with pole assembly and class.  You will be issued with a full refund, subject to a £10 administration fee and fuel charges if outside the local Cardiff area.



1.  DEFINITIONS & INTERPRITATIONS – In these conditions the following expressions shall have the following meaning:

1.1    Pole Twisters ltd is the Governing Body of Pole Twisters Dance Studios.

1.2    Centre Manager means the Authorised representative for Pole Twisters Dance Studios.

1.3    Hirer means the person who has signed the Booking Form.

1.4    Hired Space means the part of the premises used by the Hirer as specified in the Booking Form.

1.5    Confirmation of Booking Form means the form completed by the Centre Manager pursuant to The Centre being able to meet the request of the Hirer.

2.        GENERAL – Pole Twisters ltd’s Manager reserves the right to refuse any application to hire space without stating reasons for doing so.  If you have requested to regularly hire Cardiff Dance Studios on specific dates, a bond (to the value of 1 months rent) is required upon completion of a booking form.  It shall be the responsibility of the person named on the booking form to ensure that the conditions hereunder are adhered to be all persons making use of the premises under the terms of hire.  Any notice, demand or request by Pole Twisters Ltd to the Hirer shall be sent by email, addressed to the Hirer and shall be deemed to have been received.

3.        PRICES FOR ONE OFF HIRE – Fees for hiring space are included in our price list, subject to revision from time to time as Pole Twisters ltd sees fit.  Further charges may be levied if additional costs are incurred by the hiring of the space.  Room hire fees are required no later than 7 days prior to specified date of room hire.


·         7 days or more no charge incurred

·         48 hours leading up to 7 days before, half payment required

·         Less than 48 hours notice full payment taken

The Centre Manager may suspend or cancel any hiring of premises without stating the reason for so doing. If a hiring is cancelled any hire fee previously paid for the cancelled hiring shall be reimbursed to the Hirer. Such reimbursement shall be the only liability that the Centre Manager shall incur as a result of any cancellation or suspension.  Should Pole Twisters Dance Studios for any reason beyond its control be unable to fulfil its commitments, it will not be liable for damages or compensation, ie. Travel costs, hotel, etc.

5.        PRICES FOR REGULAR MONTHLY HIRE – Fees for hiring space are included in our price list, subject to revision from time to time as Pole Twisters ltd sees fit.  Further charges may be levied if additional costs are incurred by the hiring of the space.  The hire fee shall be due no later than 7 days prior to receiving end of month invoice from Pole Twisters ltd.

6.        LEAVING US – 1 months notice is required with final invoice fully paid or bond shall be forfeited.  Legal action will incur for retrieving any monies owed.

7.        LATE INVOICE PAYMENTS – Payments need to be made 7 days prior to the party booking/date.  A £20 charge will be added onto invoices to cover admin costs.

8.        ROOM RESTRICTIONS – Where the hired space forms only part of the overall Studios, access is strictly restricted to those rooms forming the hired space.  The Hirer shall be liable to pay such additional fees as the Centre Manager may prescribe if a different area is used.  Access to and use of the hired space shall be strictly restricted to the hired space and to the hours stated in the Hire Agreement, (i.e. the Hirer should not have access prior to or after the stated time) and the Hirer shall be liable to pay such additional fees as the Centre Manager may prescribe if the hired space is used by the Hirer outside the agreed times.

9.        COPYRIGHT – No copyright work shall be performed without the licence of the owner of the copyright and the payment of any appropriate fee.  The Hirer shall indemnify Pole Twisters ltd against any infringement of copyright which may occur during the hiring.

10.     LICENCES – The Hirer shall not use the hired space for any purpose for which a licence is necessary (e.g. sale of alcohol) unless such a licence is in force in respect of the premises.  The Hirer shall strictly observe the conditions of any licence granted in respect of the hired space and the Hirer shall be deemed to have notice of any condition attached thereto.  The hirer shall be responsible for the observance of all regulations appertaining to the premises stipulated by the City and County Licence Agreement, Licensing Justices & the Fire Authority.

11.     PERSONAL SALES – The hired space shall not be used for the sale or display of goods and services, or for any public entertainment, without the prior written approval of Pole Twisters ltd.

12.     FOOD & DRINK – The Consumption of food and drink is permitted in the Dance Studios.

13.     SMOKING – A no smoking policy is in force within Pole Twisters Dance Studios, meeting with current British legislation.

14.     VIDEO/FILM/PHOTOGRAPHY – No film or video shall be shown in the hired space unless a least seven days notice in writing is given, stating the title and subject matter of the film. The Centre Manager acting on behalf of Pole Twisters ltd may require a preview of the film before permission is granted for the hirer to show the film.

15.     INSURANCE – The Hirer must ensure they have public liability insurance, including any teachers they send to the dance studios. You must produce proof upon request.

16.     HEALTH & SAFETY – The Hirer is responsible for the Health and Safety of all persons using the hired space.  The Hirer must therefore ensure, prior to the hiring that the hired space and all access and egress thereto is suitable for the proposed use by the Hirer and are safe for persons using the premises. The Hirer must, prior to the hiring, be fully aware of the fire precautions procedure in existence for the hired space, including identifying the fire doors and emergency means of escape from the premises. In addition to point 19. An Evacuation Drill document is available from the Centre Office on the day of hire to ensure induction of point 19. has been adhered to and to also record members present at the Hirers booking. This practise will enable accountability for all members of the hired booking in the event of an emergency evacuation.

17.     CHILDREN – Pole Twisters Dance Studios accepts no responsibility for children on its premises, any children permitted to enter the building in connection with a room hire must be accompanied by a responsible chaperone.

18.     STUDIO EQUIPMENT – The hire of premises can include the use of Pole Twisters equipment within the premises including poles and music system/s. No such equipment shall be hired out without the written approval of the Centre Manager who may specify conditions and charge such fees in respect of such use as she/he sees fit.

19.     PERSONAL EQUIPMENT – No bolts, nails, tacks pins or other like objects shall be driven into any part of the hired premises nor shall any placards or other articles be affixed thereto.  Any exhibits used must be free standing and not attached to any part of the building or furnishings by any means unless permission is given by the Centre manager.  The Hirer shall ensure that all scenery draperies used in Pole Twisters Dance Studios are treated with fire-resisting solution that will not constitute a fire risk to the Centre.

20.     ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT – Hirers are responsible for ensuring that all electrical equipment brought to the premises meets the current statutory safety standards.

21.     HIRED EQUIPMENT – The arrangements of chairs, tables and displays will be discussed with the Hirer and every effort will be made to recognise the Hirers requirements. Unless a particular room setting is specified, the room will be prepared in the usual way for a similar function. It may not be possible to reset the room or make major changes at short notice.

22.     DAMAGES – The Hirer shall be liable for all damage howsoever and by whomever caused to the premises arising out of the hiring and shall indemnify Pole Twisters Dance Studios against all loss, damage and expense, whether direct or indirect, arising there from unless due solely and directly to the negligence of Pole Twisters Dance Studios. Any damage caused shall be reported to the on duty Pole Twisters.

(a) The Hirer shall be liable for and shall indemnify Pole Twisters ltd against any expenses, liability, loss claim or proceedings whatsoever arising under statute or of common law in respects of personal injury to or death of any person whomsoever or damage to any property real or personal arising directly or indirectly from the hire of the space unless due solely to the negligence of Pole Twisters Dance Studios.

(b) The Hirer is required to be insured against its legal liabilities to third parties, for both personal injury and property damage, including damage to the occupied space. Such insurance should be effected with a reputable Insurance Company and have a limit of indemnity of at least £l, 000,000 for any accident. When so required the Hirer must furnish evidence that such insurance is in force and produce the Insurance Policy. The Hirer, during the period of the hire, shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that no noise nuisance is created, respecting other users of Pole Twisters Dance Studios.

23.     PERSONAL LOSS/DAMAGES – Pole Twisters Dance Studios will not under any circumstance accept responsibility or liability in respect of any damage to or loss of any goods, articles or property of any kind brought into or left at the premises either by the Hirerfor his/her purpose or by any other persons or left or deposited with any Officer or employee of Pole Twisters Dance Studios.

24.     PARKING – The Hirer shall ensure that any vehicles connected with the hire which are parked on Pole Twisters site shall be arranged so as to ensure entry for emergency vehicles at all times.  There are limited parking spaces in the daytime; plenty of spaces available in the evening from 5pm onwards

25.     ENTRY TO BUILDING – If the Hirer is provided with an entry code or other piece of information as part of our internal security procedures you must treat such information as confidential and you must not disclose it to any third party.

26.     CLEANLINESS – The Hirer shall at the expiration of the hire, leave the premises in a clean and orderly state. Hirers should note that we have no provision for the disposal of babies’ nappies/wipes & sanitary towels/tampons and we request that the hirers arrange for their own disposal.  The disposal of refuse bags containing function waste is the responsibility of the Hirer. If the Hirer falls to leave the area clean and tidy after use, the cost of additional cleaning will be charged to the Hirer.

27.     OFFICE USE – Photocopying, Scanning & Faxing facilities may be available on the premises for a nominal fee. Please enquire at Centre Manager’s Office. The Studios is open from 10am to 10pm Monday to Friday and Saturday and Sunday by arrangement only.

28.     SUBLETTING – The hirer shall not sub-let or assign the hired space or any part thereof. Should she/he do or attempt to so do the Hire Agreement shall be cancelled and all fees paid forfeited.  This agreement may be determined at any time by either party giving to the other notice which is in all circumstances of reasonable length of time.



  • DAMAGE  – Pole Twisters ltd will not be held liable for any damage to ceiling unless through negligence.  Please be aware there may be slight cracking to ceiling or paint.  Pole Twisters ltd will not be held liable for marks or damage to ceiling or flooring after the service has been made.  £10 refund returned if unable to locate beam or solid fixture.  If any problems occur after fitting has been made, Pole Twisters will be happy to rectify, subject to £10 call-out charge, fuel charge applies if outside of the local Cardiff area
  • X-POLE HEIGHT –  Please note if you have purchased your own X-poles set, this will only contain 2x extension pieces to reach to a maximum of 9ft.  If Pole Twisters ltd arrive to fit your X-pole and your ceiling exceeds 9ft and you do not have the necessary extra extensions then an extra £10 call-out charge will apply plus fuel charges if outside of the local Cardiff area.


  • PURCHASES –  All purchases are subject to availability of stock.  We advise you to  contact us  to check that a specific item is in stock before making payment.
  • DELIVERY –  please allow 3-7 working days.  Postage delays may occur around bank holidays and Christmas periods, we advise you to  contact us  to check delivery details before making payment.
  • GIFT WRAPPING –  Gift wrapping available at an extra cost – please enquire
  • RETURNS –  If you are unhappy with your purchase, returns are accepted on unworn/unused items only. All items must be received back in their original condition with all tags intact within seven days of receipt of your item.  Refunds do not include postage costs.
  • EXCHANGES –  Exchange items should be returned unworn/unused within 7 days with buyer paying return postage. Repostage charges do apply.
  • DAMAGE  – In the rare event of an item being received damaged, please contact Pole Twisters ltd immediately for an exchange / refund. Please note that all items are quality checked prior to despatch. Pole Twisters ltd can accept no responsibility for any injury, loss or damage resulting from the use of our purchased products. I cannot accept returns on worn items that have been damaged by the buyer, so please ensure you purchase the correct size!
  • SHIPPING OVERSEAS –  Please  contact us  for delivery details of shipping to Northern Ireland, Ireland and overseas
  • DISCLAIMER –  We accept no liability for injury or damage caused by improper installation or unsuitable fixings when fitting your own pole.  If in any doubt, we recommend hiring a professional tradesperson.
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