Health Disclaimer

This health disclaimer is for persons attending any of our classes and courses at Cardiff Dance Studios and home / own venue bookings
  • Pole Twisters classes are aimed for fit and healthy adults over 16 years of age or with parent consent.  Each lesson may involve the use of poles or other equipment
  • I must participate in the warm up and cool down sessions provided
  • I will be given details of the activities and health & safety procedures by the instructor and I am to ask any questions if in doubt or have not understood
  • If at any stage I feel unable to perform due to injury or any other reason I must stop and inform the instructor immediately
  • I can confirm that I am of good health. If I have anything to declare, ie. Heart problems, back or joint problems, fainting/dizziness or taking any medication then I must declare this upon booking and inform Pole Twisters of my injuries or health issues
  • If you do have underlying health problems and wish to attend, please provide us with proof of permission to participate from your doctor in the form of a doctors note
  • I understand that in any exercise there is a risk factor. I am participating in this party of my own accord. I will not make any claim for personal injury, personal belongings/property damage, damages, losses and/or death that may arise in this event
  • I understand that all moves, tricks and routines are copyright to Twisted Hen & Stag Parties
  • Refunds will only be compensated under exceptional circumstances or the provision of a doctor’s certificate
  • I agree to participate in the class booking. The instructor will include the session's benefits, risks, purpose and structure on the day. I understand that I can finish this session whenever I choose to
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