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  • By Carla & Lisa Broughton
  • 04 Apr, 2016

Customer Feedback - Afroditi 31st March 2016

I have attended 3x pole strengthening classes already and I love every moment of it!  I love the fact I have become stronger, working my abs and core and I can now hold more pole variations for longer.  Most important I see a lot more body definition!  We also have a great laugh with the girls at the classes which makes it a lot of fun and at the same time achieve a great workout!  I will definitely recommend to my friends!

By student - Afroditi - 31/03/16

By Carla & Lisa Broughton 25 Jul, 2017
Flexibility At Pole Twisters

Our Flexy & Stretch class is a brilliant way of pushing that little bit further and training harder. Flexibility and correct stretching is so very important in pole, especially for improving and advancing students where certain moves can be
quite demanding on the body - as our Tricks class found out this week!

Our classes aid in improving your range of motion which in turn makes getting into moves easier as well as putting less stress on other areas of your body, but there are many more benefits to flexibility training! Some of the most important benefits to regular stretching include:

  • Posture - Whether you practice pole or not, correct stretching techniques are also known to improve posture and release tension in areas where we carry a lot of stress, like our lower backs. Due to the sedentary lifestyles many of us live today, we spend a lot of time sitting down, which often results in poor posture that can lead to health problems later in life, and so improving posture and training our bodies into the correct alignment is not only beneficial to our well-being, it can also make us appear and feel more confident.
  • Recovery - It's also a perfect way to end a workout or pole training session, as our classes are gentle and can even be a relaxing wind down. Plus, stretching helps to clear out the lactic acid that builds up around our muscles and makes us ache the next day! It's always important to cool down after exercise but you can also use this cool down to continue your training in a more gentle way by working on those splits or back bends!
  • Injury Prevention – Being more flexible can also help prevent injury by limbering up the joints and enabling us to recover from any falls or mistakes without pulling muscles. It is proven that regular stretching aids in developing our muscle memory, enabling faster progression on the pole as our bodies adjust quickly to new techniques, and it also helps to develop our kin-aesthetic sense, meaning we have a greater awareness of our bodies and how they are moving through the space around us.
So whether you practice pole or not, there are so many benefits to getting flexy! Our classes are open to anyone of any level and ability and run at 8pm on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays (subject to change so check out our website calendar before you head out that evening) – occasionally on Saturdays for the cost of £5. Check out our website for info how to book!

Hope you all have an amazing week, we'll see you at the studio!
By Carla & Lisa Broughton 13 Jul, 2017

Some of our lovely students completed their Stage 2 pole course and we couldn't be prouder! We also ran our ever popular mixed ability sessions where some of our more experienced twisters got to show off their super strength with some new and challenging moves.

Some lovely ladies popped around for a Dancehall session with our professional dance teacher. It's always so great to see our students feel confident, sexy and powerful while they're dancing and having fun!

Coming up in the next seven days, we have a six week beginners course due to start where some brand new students will be starting their pole journey!

Our Flexy & Stretch sessions are back and available to book for Mon, Tues & Wednesday at 8pm. No pole experience needed! Come get stretchy with us as we spend an hour going through some flexibility training and yoga moves – perfect for training those annoying splits!

Have a great week everyone, and hopefully we'll see you at the studio!

By Carla & Lisa Broughton 10 Jul, 2017

Pole Dance

If you haven't already, why not try out our pole classes? Pole is a fantastic way to get strong and toned, whilst also gaining confidence and feeling sexy. You don't need to be strong or super fit to start classes either! We teach absolute beginners all the way up to stage 10 through our structured program.

If you fancy taking the plunge and trying out a new skill, you can book into our 1 hour taster class which runs Monday to Wednesdays at 6pm, 7pm or 8pm.

Street Dance

We also offer street dance classes designed for adults! Learn a new routine each week with styles ranging from hip-hop, shuffle, and commercial in these weekly 1 hour classes. A perfect way of getting some cardio in and burning fat whilst having fun, and also suitable for beginners as the moves will all be broken down and explained or modified for more experienced dancers.  Wednesdays 7-8pm.

Twerk and Dancehall

If you'd like to try a different style of dance, why not try our twerk and dancehall class? These hip-rocking, booty-popping, crowd-stopping, up & coming new weekly fitness/dance classes will introduce you to using your body in ways you may not be used to, and muscles you may not have known you even had. You'll be surprised by how much of a work out this class is! (You can read about our experience taking the class in last week's blog post!)

You can come and shake yo thing with us on Wednesdays 6-7, right before our street dance classes. Wanna do both classes back to back? Double your fun for an extra £2.50


Lastly but not least, another alternative way of getting fit and gaining confidence is through our burlesque private lessons! Taught by Flossie Smalls or another great performer, this lesson will guide you through the basics of burlesque and the art of tease. Come channel your inner showgirl, gain body confidence and learn a routine with us! Props are provided, but why not dress up too?

For information on booking your workshop, contact us or refer to our website.

By Carla & Lisa Broughton 09 Jun, 2017
So I decided to finally give our Twerking and Dancehall weekly lessons a try and I couldn't believe how many muscles are involved as you shake ya thang!

The warm-up included stretching and some of the twerking moves that we would be adding into our routine later.

The routine was epic.  To a suitable dancehall song, the moves weren't too difficult even though the song was fast.

I'd also like to mention the huge group of booty bopping girls who made this class so much fun with your funny comments along the way.  We also have some regulars, you know who you are!

I'd definitely recommend this to all ages, sizes and abilities.  Learn a new skill.  Shake that ass and come on down to Cardiff Dance Studios on Wednesdays at 6pm.  £5 pp

We need at least 2 people to pre-pay online no later than 24 hours before so we can book Martyna in so if you can make it, please get this awesome class running by booking online!

Also like street dance?  Attend this afterwards for just £2.50 extra
By Carla & Lisa Broughton 02 Nov, 2016

My journey into the world of pole dancing was through a very good and extremely persuasive friend who saw a Groupon offer and thought it would be fun and a brilliant way to get fit and learn something new.
It was with some trepidation that we arrived at our first lesson. Whilst the first lesson was really enjoyable  I suffered for the next couple of days as my arms ached so much I could hardly lift them.  However we preserved and came back for the second and subsequent weeks. As the weeks passed my aches and pains largely passed and we learnt so much the frog princess, the sun wheel, the chair to name but a few.  Each week I could feel my muscles getting used to supporting my weight and my confidence grew.  Then came the "upside down" week and this is an area  I've really struggled with. All the instructors were really helpful and patient with me and eventually I cracked it and literally turned my world upside down.
While I'm still not as good as some of the girls on my course the other girls have been very supportive and really encouraging. We've had a lot of fun in class and have occasionally dissolved into laughter when one of us has ended up in a heap on the floor unable to move due to the amount we are laughing at our mishap.  It's been just over a year since I started on this adventure and I have almost completed level 8, I can't believe I've got this far.  
I'm so glad that I kept going as I've learned a lot about my abilities and I've surprised quite a few friends and colleagues who initially had no idea that at the age of 43 I'd taken up pole dancing. would recommend this as a method to get fit?  Yes I would it's an excellent way to improve your all round fitness. I've discovered muscle groups I didn't know I had and that's quite impressive as I've been a member of the gym on and off for years.  I have throughly enjoyed learning to pole dance and would certainly recommend pole dancing as its s really good experience regardless of how easy or hard you find the different moves.

By Carla & Lisa Broughton 25 Apr, 2016
Our shutters are officially up at Cardiff Dance Studios letting in the beautiful sunlight at your lessons giving you a feel of the outdoors whilst on your pole!

Our lovely Stage 7 girls just completed their course and ended their lesson dressed as schoolgirls.  Some fantastic pictures have been posted on Facebook and well done, just Stage 8 and you'll be moving on to Tricks.  Doesn't time fly?  Also well done to the beginners completing they're course dressed as Super Heroes and continuing with their Stage 2 course tomorrow.

Mixed ability has been great this week with students having a go at pole doubles.

Our new printed stock has arrived so get your joggers, hot pants or leggings, pop into the office to take a look.

Nice to see a few more turn up to pole jam on Saturday, its great to see you are working hard on the pole on a weekend but why not stay on for Flexy & Stretch afterwards, its great to stretch out properly and improve on your splits and back bends when you are still warm.

We have a few new pole 6x week courses starting this week and can't wait to meet some new faces at our beginners taster.
By Carla & Lisa Broughton 19 Apr, 2016
Well done to Benedicts beginners pole fitness course students!  You all did fantastic at your first Stage in pole fitness and are booked on to Stage 2, keep spinning!  Plus lots of new courses starting this week so if you need to re-do a Stage or have forgotten to book on, please get in touch, don't miss out!

What a great move our tricks girls practiced last week called The Icarus...  take a look on our Facebook group videos or type into a search engine and see this beautiful trick / pose in action.  Also some great Flag splits action.

Our dance routines for higher levels workshop last Friday was so much fun.  A lovely turn-out with some great teamwork and ideas thrown in by everybody.  90 minutes just wasn't enough so watch this space as we will be running a follow-up workshop to hopefully complete the song and end up designing a great sequenced routine.  Watch the routine so far here .

Again, thanks to everyone leaving they're feedback regarding our course structures and moves, we have taken everything on-board and are in the process of re-designing every course structure, plus increasing from Stage 8 right up to Stage 10!

We've got a talented photographer attending the end of most of your courses to take some shots for you.  This is a great way of mapping your progress.  You are not obliged to purchase the pictures but I'm sure you will want to keep some of your awesome poses in a frame on your wall!

We are also just introduced £5 discount if you book a private lesson with us but you must be attending or booked on to one of our 6x week courses, take advantage guys!  One on one tuition with an instructor is great for focusing on those tricky moves.  Plus privates can be shared with a friend to cut the cost.

Don't forget you've got until the end of April to take advantage of our half price tricks and mixed ability classes.  Just £4!  We recommend that you attend pole at least twice a week so if you attend a course, pop along to mixed ability to improve on your current moves and perhaps learn some new ones!

We've created a new promo video at Cardiff Dance Studios!  Check it out here
By Carla & Lisa Broughton 04 Apr, 2016
Tricks classes run every Monday at 8-9pm with me (Carla) who plans a different and exciting class for you every week including spinny pole, fantastic combinations, new tricks and focusing on some stretch ending.  I've even enjoyed starting training back up for myself with Charlotte (our brand girl - Charlie Twist) on a Thursday at her tricks classes, which I am loving.  Really great to learn some new floor-work and a trick combination last week.  This helps me gain more experience, strength and new ideas for my own classes, thanks Charl!

Our new Dancehall and Twerking classes run every Wednesday so if you want to try something new and energetic then why not give it a try!  Ideal if you already attend street dance, why not come along to Dancehall the hour before?

Well done to our beginners and Stage 4's on completing they're courses, onward & upwards!

Thank you to everybody who gives us feedback on our surveys that we send out to students at the end of they're course. Whether it be good or bad, without these, we wouldn't know how you are feeling and help make improvements.

We've also got a fantastic March special offer where all pole classes are just £4 so come and get some extra training in for cheap!

Hope you enjoyed the read
By Carla & Lisa Broughton 04 Apr, 2016

I have attended 3x pole strengthening classes already and I love every moment of it!  I love the fact I have become stronger, working my abs and core and I can now hold more pole variations for longer.  Most important I see a lot more body definition!  We also have a great laugh with the girls at the classes which makes it a lot of fun and at the same time achieve a great workout!  I will definitely recommend to my friends!

By student - Afroditi - 31/03/16

By Carla & Lisa Broughton 22 Mar, 2016

Being a judge on Saturday 12th March 2016 for Welsh Dragon University Pole Competition was an amazing experience.

Welsh Dragon University Competition was made up of competitors from Cardiff University, Swansea University and Bangor University. 

There were 3 levels - Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced, along side a Doubles category as well. 

The competition was extremely high and all contestants had fantastic techniques for their levels and I could really see some of the girls from the advanced category going into becoming a professional competitor at Pole. 

The organisers for the event were brilliant and always kept you up to date leading up to the event with weekly emails and the event was very well organised and everything went to plan and like clockwork during the competition. 

It's definitely something that I would do again and judge more competitions. 

It's exciting that Pole Sport is now being recognised as a sport and this is the first year that is will be in the Varsity University Sport. 

It makes me proud to have been in this industry for so long and now have people's views change and appreciate it as a physical sport.

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